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What is the Trint Player?

The Trint Player is a revolutionary software that allows users to make recorded content searchable. Content creators can turn a “trinted” transcript into searchable, discoverable and shareable media on the internet with the source audio/video glued to the text. Users can search a word, click on it, hear it and watch it.


Friday 23 June

From storytelling to storytooling

With Amy Webb, Founder of the Future Today Institute




Thursday 22 June

Will BuzzFeed become a legacy media of the 21st century?

With Ben Smith, Editor-in-Chief – Buzzfeed

Reuters Institute Digital News Report: Essential data on the future of news


With David Levy, Director – The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

Nic Newman, Research Associate – The Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

With the benefit of hindsight (or our biggest mistakes)


With Cory Haik, Publisher – Mic 

Jim Roberts, Managing Director – Mercury Digital

Moderated by Madhav Chinnappa, Director of Strategic Relations, News and Publishers, Google

The Washington Post in Trump's America and a digital world


 With Martin Baron, Executive Editor – Washington Post




Wednesday 21 June

It’s raining bots: Four best practices to make the most of automation


 With David Alandete, Managing Editor – El País

Francesco Marconi, Manager of Strategy and Corporate Development – The Associated Press

 Robert Unsworth, VP Americas – News Republic

Moderated by Noriko Takiguchi, Managing Editor – 


VR is here to stay. What's next for journalism?



With Jonathan He, General Manager – Tencent 

Bin Gu, Founder and CEO – Yue Cheng Media

Francesca Panetta, Executive Editor VR – The Guardian

Latoya Peterson, Deputy Editor, Digital Innovation for The Undefeated/ESPN

Moderated by Robert Hernandez, Associate Professor – USC Annenberg